"She laid there, lips tasting of whiskey, washed in her tears, not uttering a word. It was in that moment that I thought to myself: "We all have music in our bones, but too often we forget that, sometimes, the most beautiful note is silence." 

This is my most favorite Christopher Poindexter poem. As a musician and a person who sometimes struggles to enjoy just a single sip of whiskey for its own simple beauty and flavor instead of downing half the bottle and therefore shattering that beauty and dulling my appreciation of the glorious flavor, I get this. It is true to my very bones and I want to thank christopherpoindexter for writing it and for simply existing. 

On another note, (pun possibly intended) I’m moving. Again. Time number 6, guys! It’s awesome. But I’ll be closer to the university, so I can pursue my musical dreams even easier, but God I’ll miss playing in my own backyard with the music echoing along the trees and the way the sound made my lonely ass neighbor lady smile and thank me for making something beautiful. 

Maybe my new neighbors will appreciate music the same way? Who knows. Peace. 

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